Introducing our new ethnoarts intern

We are very excited to introduce Peter Nwufo as Nigeria Group’s first ethnoarts intern. Peter is a highly skilled musician and has worked as musical director for the Chapel of Faith at the University of Jos for several years. He was one of the participants on the ethnoarts course we ran in May, and was so excited by the material presented that he subsequently ran his own mini workshop for his colleagues at the Chapel of Faith. He started working with us formally on 1st July, on a half time basis, and is currently brushing up his computer skills before hopefully travelling to the U.K. in August for further training. This will be his first trip outside of Africa, and both he and Rachel have been discovering that applying for a U.K. visa is a far from straightforward procedure, and usually takes two or three applications over several months. We should hear whether his application has been successful within the next week or so.

And while Peter is away, Rachel will be going for further training herself, first in Nairobi for a Scripture Use workshop for participants from all over Africa, and then to All Nations (our former Bible College in the U.K.) in September for another course which will be introducing a new ethnoarts training manual. (Rachel was one of 90 participants to be selected for this from around the world). As the course is only a week, she will stay on for another 3 weeks to meet up with friends and family. I, meanwhile, will stay in Jos, as the new semester at TCNN starts again in mid-August, and we have a new Masters programme to run, with two of our key full-time staff currently on furlough for 7 months.

In June we took the chance to have a few days’ holiday with friends down in Obudu, in Cross River State (8 hours’ drive from Jos). As you can see, the scenery in that area is amazing, and what better way to view it all than by cable car (almost certainly the only one in Nigeria – made by an Austrian company, and looking very swish indeed).

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