The unfortuante laughing dove

There was a bit of a stir in church yesterday morning when a laughing dove flew in through the front door and did a few laps of the chapel, looking desperately for a place to perch. It eventually came to rest on the arm of the only stationary ceiling fan, which just happened to be directly above the pulpit. The thought of the pastor preaching an hour‘s sermon with the threat of little ‘gift‘ from above was obviously too much for some anxious church member, who decided to take swift action by switching the fan on. The dove did admirably well clutching on for the first few rotations, but with the fan accelerating to full speed, the poor creature was soon jettisoned into doing more laps of the church. With all 12 or so ceiling fans now in full throttle, it was only a matter of time….
Suffice it to say that the poor laughing dove isn‘t laughing any more.

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