A long overdue update

I know, it’s been a ridiculously long time since our last update, after quite a promising start over the summer. Anyway now that the TCNN semester is over, there is a reasonable chance of improved communication over the Christmas break. So what are we doing for Christmas?

Tom & Robyn Crabtree

We’ll be celebrating with our lovely new neighbours, Tom & Robyn Crabtree, Wycliffe colleagues from the States. Tom is an army engineer and into everything electrical, and usually has a pair of pliers or a screwdriver in his hand whenever I see him. And Robyn, would you believe, is, like myself, from Liverpool. Okay, not Liverpool, U.K., but Liverpool, the district of Syracuse in New York. They moved into the apartment next door to us at the end of July, but had to return to the US for a month shortly afterwards, so we have really only been getting to know them since the end of October. We have invited several other friends over for our joint Christmas lunch (Rachel has just popped out now to buy the chickens – we got a tip off that Jos turkeys aren’t very tasty), and then will share some Christmas thoughts, songs, or stories with each other before having some fun and games. One of their family Christmas traditions is to watch the film ‘it’s a wonderful life’ on Christmas Eve, so we will join them for that as well.

After Christmas, we will probably have a couple of mini breaks away – one at Miango, and one up north near some wetlands at the edge of the desert near the border with Niger, a place I’ve wanted to go for ages.

2 thoughts on “A long overdue update

  1. Hi to you both from us all, Ali and James are trying to fathom out some software I need for the AGM of the Cycle Campaign tomorrow. Mash has disappeared to Bootle to vist his girlfriend Liz who is doing a year out with Y Kids.
    We are all well here as we hope you guys are. I spoke to Sandy a sunday or two ago at the early morning MH service. We dont tend to go to the 10 oclockers we enjoy the intimicy of the early service.
    We missed the Christmas Fair last week as I chair Merseyside Environmental Trust and we had our AGM but I hear it went well. Thank you for the newsletter you both appear keeping busy but then I wouldn’t expect anything else!
    Best to you all, Don, Ali, Mash and James

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