Asian adventures


Skyscrapers and shopping malls

Spotty orchid

An orchid in the Botanic Gardens

China Town

A bustling street in China Town


Taking control of the 747!

Here I am in the cockpit of a Boing 747 flying off for adventures in Singapore! What an amazing mixture of contrasts that country is; Shiny skyscrapers and cavernous shopping malls vs the culturally rich China Town where you can experience a traditional tea ceremony and visit the Buddhist Temple of the Golden Tooth full of smoking jos sticks and people chanting in unison. As you can see, I spent time thoroughly getting into the culture…


Joining in with the night life down at the keyside


Getting some orientation from one of the locals


Filipino Dance Troupe, Kaloob

The conference itself was an extravaganza of the arts and worship. We were treated to an explosion of creativity from around the world. The Filipino dance troupe ‘Kaloob’ showed us how they had adapted a cultural dance, which used oil lamps, to celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. A Thai drama group used their dramatic folk art form ‘Ligay’ to enact the story of the prodigal daughter and a worship band from the US called ‘Izibongo’ meaning ‘worship the chief’ taught us songs from many continents. One of the most memorable songs was a Native American one ‘Do not Fear’ which sounded like an adaptation of a war song and took place around a powwow drum.


Izibongo singing around the Powwow Drum

‘Do not fear! Do not fear, my child!

Hey ya hey

I am your loving Father. Hey ya, hey ya hey

I hold you in my arms. Hey ya, hey ya hey’

We were encouraged to create our own dances, use drama as a way of helping others to express their feelings and pray for our Nations through painting. In addition to this we heard many stories of how through the use of culturally appropriate art forms, many people around the world were coming to know and love the Lord.

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  1. Praying for our Nations through painting sounds like an amazingly creative and beautiful idea, while Rachel attending such conferences and workshops sounds like a perfect fit! Glad you went and happy to hear you enjoyed it 🙂

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